Scientific Name: Sickingia salvadorensis
Also known as: Chakte Coc; Chaktehuente; Redheart; Gateado
Status: RARE
Origin: Eastern Coast of Mexico down to Southern Brazil
Traditional Uses: Pens; Knife Scales; Jewelry Boxes; Inlay; Turnery; Ear Plugs

CHAKTE-KOK-PChakte Kok is an interesting wood and one of only a few in the world that naturally displays a brilliant bright red color tone. This extreme color will oxidize and fade within minutes if exposed to direct sunlight, therefore the use of a good UV inhibitor is required. Upon exposure to sunlight the wood turns to a mundane brown color, but performing a quick surfacing of the wood with a sander or planer immediately exposes the watermelon red tone again. Heartwood sometimes displays pink streaks. Sapwood is blonde.

Chakte Kok is fine textured and displays surprisingly good working characteristics. Easy to turn, easy to plane, and generally has a fine uniform texture. Typical straight grain patterns are usually found in this wood, although figuring can occur. Routs easily and has a low cutting resistance. Also Polishes well. While the temperamental color tone provides an added challenge, this is a very user friendly wood and easy to tame with both hand and machine tools. Re-surfacing an old piece of this special wood (that has turned brown) is always an enjoyable experience as the rich red immediately pops is back to life with the first pass.

Specific Gravity: 0.65
Hardness: 1400 Janka
Density: 31 pcf
Tangential Movement: 8%
Radial Movement: 3%
Volumetric Shrinkage: 11%
Durability: Moderate

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