Scientific Name: Lonchocarpus castilloi
Also known as: Mayan Cherry, Caribbean Cherry, Black Cabbage Bark, Balche, Machiche
Origin: Yucatan, Belize, Guatemala
Traditional Uses: Flooring, Decking, Cabinetry, Fine Furniture, Heavy Construction

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MachicheMachiche is frequently referred to as “Caribbean, Mayan, or Aztec Cherry” in the flooring industry and has developed a reputation for being unmatched in the bending strength category. A proven winner for decking & flooring projects, it is gaining popularity due to the longevity it can provide. Aside from its extreme durability and resistance to insect attacks, its primary boast is that is it unsurpassed in bending strength – even when compared to Ipe. Machiche bending strength benchmarks at an extreme 25,940 psi compared to Ipe’s 22,560 psi. Truly impressive! For this reason it is frequently utilized for heavy construction in its native growing region.

Color tones typically range between honey browns to reddish browns with some occasional chocolates. Also, the fine, light parenchyma ring patterns provide thin colored lines that will add to the character of your project once a high finish is applied. Despite its extreme density, it actually responds well to machine cutting and is considered easy to work with. Generally straight grain but with some occasional interlocking.

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Specific Gravity: 0.70
Hardness: 2805 Janka
Density: 55 pcf
Bending: 25,940 Psi
Durability: Excellent

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