Savage Woods uses FedEx for most domestic shipping of boards  under 65 lbs in weight and under 108’’ in length.  Items that are over 108’’ in length have the option of being cut down to qualify for the cost effective Fedex Ground shipping. Once you’ve purchased an oversized item, we will cut the board to whatever new measurement you specify. We will not make this cut until confirming with you.

If a you require a board over 108’’ to remain intact & uncut, please send us an email and we will work with you based on your requirements and location to get the best LTL freight shipping rate available.


We are happy to accommodate orders that require international shipping. All Canadian orders are able to take advantage of the same FedEx ground shipping option that all of our domestic orders receive.

For all other orders that require International shipping, we prefer to use the economical Flat Rate shipping boxes that USPS offers. There are three different box sizes, each allowing a different maximum weight and size dimension priced at an economical shipping rate. Most of our customers select the largest box and then have us fill it with as many items as will fit.

If you would like to purchase an item that does not fit into these boxes, then we can either cut it so that it does fit, or we can ship it whole and uncut via Fedex international parcels. Please note that while Fedex offers the shipping of large parcels, it is more expensive than  the USPS flat rate solution. If you would like to know the Fedex rate for any item in our inventory then please email us with the item# and your country with postal code and we are happy to get your rate.

If you would like to take advantage of these economical shipping boxes, then please review the three box sizes we offer below and let us know which one you wish to use and which items you have selected for us to fill it with. Please also email us  with your correct destination delivery address. After we confirm the items will fit in the box, then we will send you an electronic paypal invoice for the cost of the items and also the box fee. USPS Flat-Rate Box Options are as follows:

PriorityMailMediumFlatRateBoxLARGE BOX
$77.95 USD – delivered to any country
Inside dimensions: 3’’ x 11 ¾’’ x 23 ½’’ (76mm x 298mm x 597mm)
Maximum Weight = 20 lbs (9.07 kg)
Delivered within 10 business days.

$59.95 USD – delivered to any country
Inside dimensions: 3 3/8’’ x 11 7/8’’ x 13 5/8’’ (86mm x 301mm x 346mm)
Maximum Weight = 20 lbs (9.07 kg)
Delivered within 10 business days

$23.95 USD – delivered to any country
Inside dimensions: 1 5/8’’ x 5 3/8’’ x 8 5/8’’ (41mm x 136mm x 219mm)
Maximum Weight = 4 lbs (1.81 kg)
Delivered within 10 business days

These same box options for international parcels may also be confirmed directly here: