Entry Table
by Gaymond Schultz


This piece is designed as an entry table for an entry room for a men’s bathroom in a large home. The entry room and bathroom are decorated in an African theme.

The measurements for the Leopard Entry Hall Table are as follows: 29 inches High by 14 inches deep by 48 Inches long. I used every square inch of the wood I got from you with only a tiny amount of trimming to square it up. I carved a black leopard because the decorator wanted something black in that part of the room. The Leopard is carved from Poplar. Black leopards while more rare, do exist in the wild. In fact leopards can range from pure white to pure black (then they are called Panthers). I chose the Zircote wood because it is so beautiful and it is also somewhat rare in furniture. In addition, it has a lot of black which goes well with the black theme of the room.