Custom Ziricote Amp  “Espresso 15”
by Gerry Humphrey

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Custom Ziricote Amp “Espresso 15”

Solid handmade cabinet:
* ¾” Hardwood (choose your favorite)
* Dovetail joints
* Internal speaker baffle & back panel: ¾” 14-ply Baltic Birch

15W output:
* All-tube design (signal path uses matched & balanced JJ-Electronics tubes)
* 2x EL84 push-pull; 2x 12AU7 pre-amp/inverter; 5Y3GT rectifier
* 10” Eminence hi-fi speaker & high-power horn tweeter
* For clarity, circuit uses some hi-fi tube amp design techniques
* Side-firing sound port fills out the acoustic image

* Silver coated solid-core copper with Teflon insulation and
silver-bearing solder for a clean signal path
* Robust Mil-spec board & turret construction

Line-Out (optional):
* 600ohm impedance, tapped from speaker output